Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.122 – Organized Chaos

(like all of my life)

Episode Notes

It's that time again! We made some goals in March... how did we do? We're at the beginning of April... what are we going to focus on?

Ep.121 – Fables about the Foam Roller

Episode Notes

Stacy is a passionate expert about posture. Learn why, and also some tips and tricks on how to improve your own posture, on this week's WBT!

Ep.120 – Country Mouse, City Mouse

(maybe I shouldn't go on this tangent, but I'm already there)

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon contemplate where they exist on the Country Mouse/City Mouse continuum.

Ep.118 – That's so clutch.

Episode Notes

Stacy talks about travel while traveling; Devon talks about moving while drinking. A recap of February and plans for March!

Ep.117 – Oracle Hour

(for the Yummy Moon folks)

Episode Notes

If you liked our Yummy Moon episode, you're REALLY going to like this one! We discuss Stacy's journey from Passion Planner to Clever Fox, and Devon talks about her Tarot card quest.

Ep.116 – They Just Touch Butts

Episode Notes

How do you have fun in a pandemic? Devon gives you some ideas! Plus, a self-care and no-breakfast update.

Ep.115 – Exercise Cultist

Episode Notes

Stacy makes Devon do an exercise so that they can review Apple Fitness +.