Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.231 – September is a BIG WEEK!

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon review their progress for August and make plans for September, which is, apparently, a big week for them.

We focus so much on what we “should” do but what about focusing on what we “want” to do?

Ep.229 – You're the Sam to my Frodo.

Episode Notes

"I can be spontaneous! I just need time to plan!"

Devon and Stacy take the 16 Personalities quiz and discuss their results.

Ep.228 – I'm not getting any older!

Episode Notes

Devon and Stacy recap their progress in July and make plans for August! Or, Stacy has plans, and helps Devon create a plan.

Ep.226 – Dirty Birds

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon interview James about his recent experience with Couch to 5K programs. Also, we like birds!

Ep.225 – It's cow magic!

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon recap the month of June and make plans for July.

Ep.224 – All Carbs Welcome Here

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon talk about some common fitness myths, and Devon begs the scientific world at large to please prove that 10K steps is a magical number so they can justify their obsession with hitting that goal with their Fitbit.

Ep.223 – 2bd

Episode Notes

Devon tells Stacy about the book Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey, after which they both promptly go to sleep.