Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.148 – Tall Dark Stranger

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon talk about how they did (or did not) run and do creative stuff in September, and then set focuses and promises for the coming month.

Ep.145 – Lapsed Wrestling Catholic

Part One of the AEW Series

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon chat with James and Lisa in the first of two episodes about AEW and wrestling.

Ep.144 – The Original ASMR

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon talk about Bob Ross and the new Netflix documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal and Greed.

Ep.143 – Isn’t that how *you* keep your chicken safe?

Episode Notes

Devon and Stacy wrap up the month of August and plan for September.

Ep.142 – It costs zero dollars to worry about yourself.

Episode Notes

This special sleepover edition of Weekly Buddy Time features special guests Rachael, Lisa, and Sara as we answer all kinds of funny, embarrassing questions and share ridiculous stories.