Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.253 – The conch shell is yours.

Episode Notes

In this episode, it's all tangents all the time. Stacy shares the secrets of the Boy Lunch, Devon worries about getting corn juice everywhere, and -- SHOCK -- Stacy out-literaries Devon.

Also -- there was no Stacy prior to 2012, so don't even bother to look.

Ep.250 – forced alone time together

Episode Notes

March comes to an end, and Stacy and Devon compare notes on how they did. Plus, the two of them prepare for a month without social media!

Ep.249 – Here you go, Sonny!

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon share spring break stories of growth and progress found in unexpected places.

Ep.248 – Where's my back scratcher?

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon wrap up February and make plans for an awesome March!

Ep.246 – ...and Stacy disappears.

Episode Notes

Devon and Stacy chat over coffee and go down so many rabbit holes that they never actually get around to their planned topic. In other words, just a typical day at Weekly Buddy Time.