Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.180 – Trips & Ticks

Episode Notes

Part Two! Devon, Stacy, Thomas, and James continue to talk about productivity and life hacks.

Ep.179 – Snooze Button for your Chores

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon invite James and Thomas back to the podcast to talk about productivity hacks and to help Devon be less of a mess.

Ep.178 – I've got hose on both sides.

Episode Notes

Another month, another dollar -- Stacy and Devon share their progress and talk about goals and intentions for May. Also -- Devon asks for help! Send your productivity tips to weeklybuddytime@gmail.com.

Ep.177 – Drink Straight Out of the Measuring Cup

Episode Notes

Stacy, Devon, Thomas, and James do their damndest to try to talk about office spaces and productivity hacks... but, eventually, begrudgingly share their experiences using the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test.

Ep.176 – Devon Should Be a Powerlifter

Stacy is in town! So she and Devon record a LIVE IN PERSON episode where they share their 23 and Me results.

Ep.175 – Not ready for the serious years.

Episode Notes

Devon shares a story about their tiny retreat, and Stacy educates everyone about Bile Reflux.

Ep.174 – The Big Pants Debate of 2022

Episode Notes

The Dream Team has returned! Devon and Stacy catch up after a busy March and then launch into Project 333.

Ep.173 – Put a dollar in the gender jar

Episode Notes

Stacy is on vacation, so Devon and Thomas take over and talk about gender, relationships, and whiskey.

Content warning: Devon goes WAY into TMI territory AGAIN.

Ep.172 – Date Night With Stacy & James

Episode Notes

Stacy is flying solo while Devon is on vacation so she invited her husband, James, to talking about their monthly ritual.

The episode about Duluth, MN - http://weeklybuddytime.com/episode/96cbf5f42b754f6c/pack-up-and-go-