Weekly Buddy Time

Ep.204 – 204 (Devon please rename)

Episode Notes

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Ep.203 – I must comply! I must comply!

Episode Notes

Devon and Stacy talk about an Apple News article about Rethinking Our Bodies. Don't focus on the scale; focus on how you feel.

Ffft fft ffft!

Ep.202 – Laundry Inbox Zero

Episode Notes

Stacy talks about 75 Hard, 60 Medium, and 30 Soft, and Devon begs for a super-soft powerpoint presentation.

Ep.201 – Re-Inaugural? Is that a thing?

Episode Notes

We're baaaack! Stacy and Devon relaunch Weekly Buddy Time by talking about resolutions and getting serious about their numbers.

Ep.199 – Poseidon’s Diarrhea

Episode Notes

Stacy and Devon finally record together and catch up! Spoiler alert: their vacations and lives have NOT been going according to plan.

Ep.198 – The silly things kids say.

Episode Notes

Stacy is on vacation, so Devon interviews the two littlest Alleys. We talk about friends, dogs, wolves -- and a LOT about the Zombies Disney franchise.

Ep.197 – Story Time With Stacy

This week join Stacy for Story Time as she flies solo while Devon is on vacation. Stacy digs through her private collection to bring you a poem and a short story from a very brief time in her childhood where she was a writer.... not because she liked writing (nor was she good at it) but because computers had just made the jump from DOS to Windows and she wanted to play with fancy programs like Word and Paint. Set your expectations waaaay low and enjoy!

Ep.196 – Worst Fail in History

Episode Notes

Stacy executes the Worst Fail in History, Devon only completes 3 out of 5 goals, and our heroes prepare for a busy September and a few weeks away from each other.